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Take A Walk On The Wild Side With A Zebra Print Cowhide

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Zebra Print Cowhide Rug

A walk on the wild side doesn’t mean stepping outside the boundaries of good taste. Animal prints are very popular because of the simple fact that they are so versatile. These prints are used by many interior designers, both professionals and amateurs, as a visually interesting neutral. Because of their neutral nature, animal prints work amazingly well with a variety of decorative styles. Both contemporary and more traditional furnishings work well in a room with animal prints.

When introducing an animal print into a room, the safest way to do so is by choosing only one type of print. Don’t go ‘wild’, pardon the pun, using for example, cheetah, giraffe and zebra all in the same room. Instead, choose one good print, on one beautiful piece and you’ll be pleased with how easily it is incorporated into the room. Once you’ve settled on the appropriate print and feel comfortable with your decision, an additional piece or two can be added. Do try to stay within the same print family, but consider playing with the scale of the print. You’ll love the special touch this adds to the room.

Picking that one good piece is the most important step, once you’ve decided that you are ready to take that walk on the wild side. One of the best ways to introduce an animal print to a room is via the use of an area rug. Consider the potential impact of adding a zebra print cowhide rug to your living space. A good quality, natural cowhide rug is tanned in such a way that it will wear well without any hint of shedding. Even better, cowhide rugs are a great option for most households because they are both durable and hypo-allergenic. These features make them a great choice, even in a high traffic area like a family room. When a cowhide rug is transformed with an exotic animal print, it makes this choice even more desirable. A natural cowhide, when stenciled with a zebra print, goes from being a safe choice to being a true statement piece.

We all face the fact that many days, our home is a jungle. Your family may be rushing from one activity to the next. They may be finishing homework, doing laundry or gulping down dinner before heading to a meeting. It’s quite lovely, that in the middle of that stressful day, you may take a look at your surroundings and see a setting that includes your own little walk on the wild side, making everything a little more beautiful. So embrace that walk, knowing that with a simple plan, you can quickly tame your fear of dealing with animal prints.

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