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The Best Use for Sheepskin Rugs of All Sizes

The Best Use for Sheepskin Rugs of All Sizes

Posted by The Team on 17th Aug 2021

Not surprisingly, sheepskin rugs are one of the most practical and beautiful accessories you can add to your home. Because the sizes are so varied, however, choosing the best one may seem like a daunting task. Below are some tips to make this decision easier:

Unique Uses for a Single Sheepskin

Naturally, the single sheepskin is a great choice to place by a coffee table or in front of an easy chair, but its uses do not end there. Consider using a single sheepskin outside your home, such as in your vehicle as a comfortable car seat. Imagine getting into your car and sinking into the luxury of sheepskin for your trip.

Single sheepskins are also a great choice as a beautiful, plush bath mat. In this way, they serve both a decorative and practical purpose.

They can also be used to enhance a narrow hallway. If you have a slim hallway in your home, you will be quite surprised at the optical illusion created by positioning a sheepskin rug on the floor. Strangely enough, it breaks up the space and gives a wider look to the corridor.

Double Sheepskins to Soften Sharp Edges

double sheepskin is ideal for any traditional use, but is also a terrific choice if you want to soften up hard edges in a room. Perhaps you have a chair in your bedroom or living room that’s not as comfortable as you’d like, but you don’t want to give it up. Simply toss a lovely and elegant double sheepskin over the piece of furniture and watch it transform into a cosy, comfortable place to relax.

Double sheepskins have also become quite popular as nontraditional yoga mats. If you do exercise of this kind, a double sheepskin is a comfortable, soft surface that will help relieve your body’s sore points and support your yoga moves.

If your home features window seats, a double sheepskin is a wonderful way to soften up the area so that you can spend more time enjoying scenery, reading a book or sipping a hot drink on a cold winter day.

Add Colour and Texture with Quad Sheepskins

Perhaps your bedroom or living room is in need of a dash of texture or colour. Rooms that are essentially all one shade can certainly benefit from the lift a coloured sheepskin rug can add. Quad sheepskins are available in both light and dark colours, making it easy to find the ideal one.

Another great use for quad sheepskins is as a bed underlay for extra warmth. Order a large sheepskin rug and layer it under the sheets to make the warmest, cosiest bed possible during winter. Interestingly, this is also a good option for summer, because the fibres in the hair mimic your body’s natural thermostat, thus keeping you cool and dry during warm weather.

Additionally, you can use a quad sheepskin in the nursery for toddlers and babies to play or nap on. Such rugs also add an attractive, decorative touch to the nursery.

Enjoy the Versatility of Sexto Sheepskins

Sexto sheepskins work wonderfully as a throw or a blanket. On a chilly day, you can wrap one around you, place it over an easy chair for an extra layer of comfort, or use it as a blanket or throw on your bed to seal in the heat and keep you warm and cosy throughout the night.

A sexto sheepskin can also be used to cover a coffee table or a similar piece of furniture to change the entire look of the room. Additionally, if you have a table featuring a display of photographs in attractive frames, you can use the sheepskin in lieu of a traditional table covering. Because they are large, they can also be used conventionally as area rugs, making them an extremely versatile option.

Octo Sheepskins as the Room’s Focal Point

Octo sheepskins are the best choice if you want to use the rug as the focal point of the room. Imagine the touch of elegance a tan or silver toned sheepskin can add to a family room or living room. Place it in the centre of the floor over hardwood or wall-to-wall carpeting for an attractive and luxurious touch.

Octo sheepskins also look beautiful and stylish in a bedroom. Whether your bedroom features a hardwood floor or is carpeted, the addition of a sheepskin can only enhance the room’s decor. An octo sheepskin can also be used to cover a sofa or loveseat that needs a touch of class.

Guaranteed to blend with any type of decor and outlast rugs made from synthetic materials, an authentic sheepskin rug is a failsafe choice for virtually any consumer.