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The Charm and Beauty of Authentic Berber Rugs

The Charm and Beauty of Authentic Berber Rugs

Posted by The City Cows Team on 7th Jul 2020

Moroccan Berber RugsGenuine, handmade Berber rugs are thoroughly different from the mass-produced fakes that pop up on a regular basis on the websites of some sellers. 

Owning an authentic Moroccan Berber rug is essentially the equivalent of owning a piece of history as opposed to an imitation piece made from synthetic materials. In addition to being a high quality product that adds beauty and charm to your home, a real Berber rug is a true work of art.

Intriguing Historical Significance

Rugs of this kind take their name from the North African Berber tribes and in most cases, they are imported from Morocco. The region where the weaver lives determines the weight and thickness of the rug. For example, weavers residing in the plains, generally design lightweight rugs featuring a fine weave and a low pile, as they are made for mild climates. If they live in mountainous regions where cold weather is the status quo, a higher pile and thicker weave is more common.

Beautiful symbolism is also woven into each of these unique textiles. Because the indigenous tribes were almost always isolated in their own distinct regions, these symbols are typically exclusive. Each generation passes its weaving methods down to the next, and special designs are used to tell stories about the weaver’s life, the lives of former generations, and showcase the characteristics of the specific tribe. Understanding the background, construction, and design methods of Berber rugs, usually enhances the customer's appreciation of these world-renowned textiles.

All Natural Materials

To this day, the Moroccan rugs woven by Berber tribe women are still designed from all natural animal products, such as sheep's wool, camel hair and other items as needed. Such things may include hair from goats, or even silk. The carpets are primarily found in different shades of ivory, tan, white, or light shades of brown with black accents. In some Berber rugs, the black accents are from animals that are still native to the region, including black goats, which are not seen in many areas of the world anymore. However, regardless of the source of the material, all colours in a Berber rug correspond to true shades seen in nature. Because they are handwoven, no two are precisely the same. Therefore, each rug has a distinct beauty all its own.

Uses and Benefits

Berber rugs offer both practical and decorative features, and are a terrific option if you are looking for an item to enhance your home’s overall decor or add a unique touch to an otherwise drab room. They lend themselves well to any type of interior design, as their classic patterns and lovely, neutral colours easily blend with any decorating scheme.

Because of their massive appeal, such rugs are also commonly used as blankets or bed coverings, as a throw for a sofa or chair, or even as a unique type of wall tapestry.

Shopping for a Berber Rug

When shopping for an authentic Berber rug, doing business with a reputable dealer is essential. Handmade Moroccan rugs can be authenticated, and this is important if you want to make sure you are purchasing a real Berber carpet. City Cows offers the highest quality Berber rugs in a beautiful variety of colours and patterns, with something to please anyone. Ultimately, this type of rug is the perfect choice for anyone searching for a carpet that combines beauty, practical benefits and an affordable price. Regardless of your personal taste or budget, you cannot go wrong when you add a lovely, handmade Berber rug to your home.