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The Growing Trend of Animal Skin Rugs and Throws

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Cowhide Rugs- The cowhide rug is growing trendy very quickly. These animal skin rugs are very popular from county sides to city sleek. The cowhide rugs come in all colours now. Due to the Manufactures Dying the cowhide fun and bold colours. Decorative colours vary from electric blues and Metallic gold's and the very popular zebra Print black and white.

Cowhide rugs are an interior decorators to go to style. The Variations of interior décor are very wide. One who decorates their home with a country flair could use cowhide in many different ways. There is the country style kitchen with the cowhide rug under the large kitchen table. One might use cowhide throws and pillows along the yellow and blue country couches. The cowhide trend can cross into the city miles away. The high rise apartments that have a very modern art décor. French artists align the walls as the cowhide rugs align the floor. Leather seating and stainless steel hardware add the millennium's touch to this living room.

Reindeer Hide Rugs- The quickly trending reindeer hide rugs are becoming an autumn and Winters Decorative delight. Reindeer hide rugs and throws are very popular in the living and den rooms. The reason for this maybe the fireplace location. The reindeer hide rugs are extremely sensitive to heat. It is highly recommended to snuggle and relax with your reindeer hide further away from the fireplace. Close heat can cause the hide to shrivel and become frail. Reindeer hide is very lovely and soft. Most people do not choose high traffic areas for the reindeer hide rug. The Rug is usually best suited for focal décor. For example in the bedroom near the edge of the bed or as a seasonal throw.

Sheepskin Hide-There is nothing like the beauty, softness and feel of a sheepskin hide throw rug. The touch is one that nobody forgets. The sheepskin throw is one of the softest bedding pieces known to man. Sheepskin is one of the most highly duplicated fabric ever. So many have tried, but no one has truly succeeded the virtues of 100% sheepskin.

Sheepskin hide is known to decorate rooms of the most precious of us, babies. The newborn bedroom is known to have at least one article of sheepskin or faux sheepskin. Some may ask "What exactly is sheepskin?" or "Is it really real?" Sheepskin is leather on one side and real wool on the other side. It is as real as the sheep wearing it. The softest touch and no fiber can breathe like sheepskin wool. Sheepskin does not shed. No, not even a little bit. The wool is attached to the skin of the leather. These are the reasons why many people trust sheepskin for their most delicate newborn baby. Sheepskin hide rugs are very durable, these rugs are okay to be layered in any room. Heavy traffic rooms, large pet rooms and the inside of cribs. Most definitely!

Animal skin rugs- are sweeping the nation with the trends of the millennium. It may be for the bedroom or the kid’s room. A natural colour to a bold bright red. From Sheepskin to zebra cowhide. Animal skin rugs and throws are here to stay.

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