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The Growing Trend of Cowhide Rugs

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Cowhide rugs are here to stay, and their natural beauty, durability, and versatility make cowhide rugs more popular than ever.

Eco friendly
Natural fibers are the way to go when choosing eco-friendly home decor, and almost nothing is more eco-friendly than cowhide rugs. After all, the hide of a cow was at one time considered a waste product to be discarded. Today, however, these hides are made into beautiful home accent pieces that add charm to any space.

Various styles available
Most people think that cowhide rugs only come in brown and white, but this isn't true. Cowhide rugs today are available in a variety of patterns, sizes, and styles. From prints of zebra to shiny metallic finishes, there is sure to be something to match any home decor.

Cowhide rugs match any decor
Western themes are no longer necessary to incorporate a cowhide rug into a home. It's now considered a great accent piece for a living room, entry way, or bedroom. This is because a cowhide rug does it all, from contrasting nicely against modern decor or blending into a cozy country cottage.

Making the right choice
Choosing a cowhide rug needs to be done with care. To select one for your space, measure how large you need the rug to be. Traditionally, designers suggest that area rugs tuck under nearby furniture. However, this rule doesn't apply when choosing a cow skin rug. Generally, your cowhide rug should be slightly smaller than a traditional rug would be. Essentially, you'll want to place the rug so that all the edges can be seen.

Proper care
A cowhide rug is a sturdy choice for any home; thanks to its rugged nature, cowskin rugs even do well in homes with pets and children. With the proper care, they can stand up to years of relentless use.

Unlike other materials, cow hide rugs don't trap dust and debris. Every once in a while, simply take the rug outside and gently shake it. When it becomes necessary to spot clean or vacuum the rug, be sure that you're working with the grain, rather than against it. A cowhide rug never needs to be, nor should it be, washed or dry cleaned.

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