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The Humble Sheepskin Has Everlasting Appeal

Posted by The City Cows Team on 18th Jun 2019

The Wonderful Benefits of Choosing Sheepskin

With the modern busy lifestyle, it is harder than ever to find time to go to the spa or the gym to unwind. The perfect solution is to turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary because relaxation should never be a luxury. You need it to distress and ensure you continue to live a full quality life. Adding accent pieces to your house with sheepskin rugs is one way to make the ambience feel warm and fuzzy.

There many choices of sheepskins available in the market tailored for every budget, color, and style. Synthetics rugs proliferate the market, too, and are preferred by some people. However, these fake rugs do not stand a chance when compared vis-à-vis a real one. They fail in comparison with the luxurious feel of authentic sheepskin. Choosing a real one for your home is crucial because its luxe feel adds a flair of sophistication that instantly lifts up the mood. Why choose this type of rug for your home?

Broad Range of Style

There are a wide arrange of styles that cat fit any personality. Even the texture, appearance, and thickness vary. There are many colours to choose from including natural shades like black, brown, white to vibrant colours like mulberry, burgundy, and lilac. The single sheepskin remains the most popular style. if you’re planning to redecorate, or to breathe life into a boring old room, getting this super stylish rug can easily get the job done. Plush, genuine, and thick, these rugs easily add warmth and texture to your home. On top of that, they can also serve as the perfect covering for your foot rest, or armchairs. Since they are highly durable, these high quality items are worth investing in to help in creating your home into a sanctuary.

Good for the Health

Rugs made with sheepskin have natural health benefits such as providing support for those achy pressure points and painful limbs. It has the capacity to regulate body temperature, which is perfect for those too chilly nights when you can throw the rug on top of the bed. In fact, it helps promote a more restful kind of sleep, which is what the body needs for optimum health. Sleep is when your cells replenish and regenerate.

Relieves Aches and Pains

The naturally crimped fibers of sheepskins form a very gentle and comfortable cushion that supports the body. According to scientist, each wool hair or fiber possesses a three-dimensional spiral like crimp that simulates a miniature spring giving it that comfy cushion like feel. It helps absorb the pressure coming from the body without flattening it out completely. There is also an even distribution of body weight that take the pressure of the limbs, relieving aches and pains.

Regulate Body Temperature

Wool has temperature regulating properties that’s akin to magic. When it’s too hot, it has the ability to reduce the heat. When it is too cold, it has the capacity to make it warm. Keeping yourself shrouded in this material will help your body stay in that right comfortable body temperature.

For older people, sitting or lying down on top of sheepskin rugs can help encourage the blood to flow for better circulation in the body. This very same quality is also beneficial for newborn infants, especially preemies or those babies with low birth weight, since they struggle in regulating their own body heat.

Reduces Friction and Discomfort

The wool is covered by an exterior layer of protein making it extremely smooth. This makes it easy for the fibers to move against each other because there is no drag and friction. Thus, this type of rug can accommodate movement easily. When lying down or sitting on sheepskins, your skin will feel like it’s moving across butter. The skin moves over the surface with less resistance, which in turn has the capacity to reduce any discomfort.

This is quality is especially beneficial for people who have limited movement like the elderly or those recovering from surgery who still cannot move much. When propped in the same position for long periods of time, it creates friction and heat resulting to bed sores. Putting layer of this wool will make them more comfortable.

Natural Bacteria and Dirt Deterrent

This fleece is exceptional because it is naturally resistant to the growth of bacteria and dust mites, making it a hygienic choice for your home use. Sheepskins have what is known as natural wicking properties. This means they draw moisture away from the skin, which prevents the condition wherein moulds and bacteria thrive.

Sheepskins are breathable materials. Nope, they don’t breathe on their own, but the tiny fibers of wool allow air to continue to circulate around even when you are lying down on top of the rug. This reduces the warm and moist environment the bacteria and mold are attracted to. Most importantly, these items can be easily washed to keep it clean and safe for regular use.


Sheepskins possess an element called lanolin which is a similar component found in human skin. This material makes it a perfect pair for humans. These rugs are extra soothing to sensitive and inflamed skin. In fact, it is known for desensitizing rashes or helping in conditions like eczema. Since sheepskins are natural products that are not made from petrochemicals, it cannot irritate you. On top of that, this material is flame resistant and resistant to static electricity. As a result, there is no need to add any fire retardant chemicals.

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