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The Latest Trends in Cowhide Rugs

The Latest Trends in Cowhide Rugs

Posted by The City Cows Team on 10th Sep 2021

Cowhide never goes out of style, but over the past few years it has taken the home interiors market by storm. Consumers everywhere are adding this special touch to their homes, and there are many reasons for this. For example, cowhide is virtually impossible to wear out, easy to clean, versatile, and attractive. This makes it appropriate for essentially any room in your home.

Cowhide adds texture, warmth, colour, patterns, and a sense of fun to any area where it is placed. The type of cow hide you choose depends on the look you have in mind. For example, a sophisticated black and white cowhide placed under a coffee table has one effect, while a rich white and brown cow hide rug in front of the fireplace has another. Below are some great ideas to consider if you are planning to decorate with cowhide:

Classic Brown and White Cowhide a New Trend in a Larger Design

Cowhide is currently being used as part of a larger design trend referred to as cowboy-chic. With this type of decor, minimal cowboy-style influences are scattered throughout the room, and the focal point is a large cowhide rug. A traditional brown and white pattern works best for this decorating scheme, as it will instantly draw the eye and add beauty and depth to the room.

Use Metallic Cowhide for an Ultra Modern Look

This isn't a decor option for the shy, but the ultramodern look has become a favourite amongst certain customers. This type of decor uses high tech style features and accents, and a stunning metallic cowhide rug sets off this look to perfection. Create a space unlike any other with a shimmery, metallic cowhide in gold or silver, and watch the room come alive in a whole new way.

Cowhide Ideal for Rooms Featuring Earth Tones

solid colour cowhide rug in deep brown is an outstanding addition to any room in which earth tones are used. For example, in a bedroom or living room done in golds and browns, this shade of rug is a delightfully rich addition to an already lush colour scheme. Similarly, rooms featuring various shades of green and blue can benefit greatly from a lovely cow hide in striking black-and-white, or for more subtle touch, a cowhide that boasts an attractive brindle pattern in a pale shade.

Cowhides for Traditionally Decorated Rooms

If you’re redecorating a room but prefer to stick with traditional decor, try adding a lovely tricoloured cowhide to add depth to the simple decorating scheme. For a more sophisticated, upscale touch to a traditional room, choose a zebra print cowhide to use as the room’s main focal point. A solid white cow hide rug is also a great option for a traditionally decorated home.

Nontraditional Uses for Genuine Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide can also be used in nontraditional ways, such as a covering for an easy chair. Drape a lovely speckled cowhide rug over a recliner or loveseat, or place it on top of the coffee table to add an interesting touch to the room. A stunning patchwork cowhide can also double as a wall hanging. Try one on the space behind your bed or on the wall in your living room or family room as a starting point for your decorating project.

Because there are so many styles and choices available, it is not difficult to find the perfect cowhide for your home. You may wish to consider investing in several so that you can add this unique touch to more than one area of your dwelling. Because cowhide is easy to clean and is extremely durable and hard wearing, it is also a practical investment for virtually any consumer.