​Top Uses for Lovely Authentic Cowhide Footstools

Posted by Nick Pole on 5th Mar 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect accent piece for your home, look no further than beautiful and luxurious cowhide footstools. Handmade in our Fulham workshops, we use high quality cowhide upholstery to make these attractive pieces and our upholsterers have over 20 years experience in the business. A cowhide ottoman is the perfect addition to any room where a footstool is needed, but its uses do not end there. Just take a look at our customer photos on Instagram ( placeholder for link) Below are just some of the ways you can add style and flair to a room with cowhide footstools:

Additional Seating

Although most people think of footstools with regard to traditional use, they can also be used for extra seating. For parties, family gatherings, or any other kind of get-together, a large footstool can provide overflow seating options. Because cowhide is cosy and warm, unlike leather sofas, some guests may even prefer this arrangement.

Small Tables

You may also want to use a small footstool as an end table or a large cowhide footstool as a unique coffee table. Because our footrests are expertly upholstered to give a luxurious finish, they are perfect for use in these ways. Bigger companies cannot replicate these designs, as our authentic cow hides are specifically chosen to show off their unique patterns. For this reason, using them as tables and similar accent pieces is a great way to show them off to your friends and relatives.

Beautiful and Unique Foot Rest

Of course, don’t forget traditional uses for these timeless pieces, such as in front of a chair or couch as a footrest. Because we hand select the cowhide for each piece of furniture we produce, our footstools instantly show off the beauty of the genuine hair and the organic patterns of the hide.

Cowhide Also Works in Small Dwellings

Cowhide is perfect for adding warmth and texture to a room; however, you may not have the space to display a full-sized cowhide. If this is the case, furniture made from this material is a great way to add cowhide to your decor, and if your home or apartment is small, the addition of a footstool is the perfect avenue through which to accomplish this goal. There are over ten different cowhide patterns and colours from which to choose, making it easy to find the exact tone and shade for your home’s interior design.

You will also be pleased to discover that each footstool displayed on our website is individually photographed, meaning you will receive the exact item you see in the picture after placing your order. Ultimately, such pieces are glamorous, luxurious and sleek, and infuse warmth and beauty into any home where they are placed. Stop by our showroom any time to see these lovely footstools in person and choose the one that best suits your home.