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Trendy Decor: Cowhide Rugs Have Natural Appeal

Posted by The City Cows Team on 10th Apr 2018

Cowhide has come a long way in recent years.  Cowhide rugs with all natural appeal have made inroads into home decor across the globe. Cowhides are used on headboards and as bed throws, for chair upholstery and accent cushions, as dramatic wall hangings and, of course, as rugs. There are many good reasons for their popularity.

Uniquely Beautiful

Each cowhide rug is an original. The unique shape and colours of cowhide make an artistic statement, no matter how it is used. With innate imperfections, a tonal range from almost pure white to dark and mysterious, and variations in markings and hair length, these patterned rugs always add spark to a room setting.

A cowhide rug can appear elegant and sophisticated or dramatic and daring, depending on the setting and the furnishings. Whether the mood is playfully contemporary or casually chic, cowhide speaks of nature. The trend toward honest, earthy, natural materials is at its zenith, and cowhide rugs make powerful statements.

But those qualities constitute only part of the appeal.

Cowhide Rugs: Ease and Versatility

Hide rugs dress up a room, adding an element of surprise to upscale interiors, but they also contribute familiarity and comfort in country or casual settings. Like tanned leather, Cow skin in its natural state is touchable, durable, easy-care and versatile.

Cowhide is hypoallergenic; and hide rugs repel dust and pollen. They do not harbour pests, and they do not retain odours, nor emit any of their own. Spills can be shampooed easily with just soap and water. Hides are easily brushed and cleaned, and will last for decades with reasonable care.

The Many Uses for Hides

Cow skin rugs are perfect to anchor a seating area, and are stunning used in tandem with Oriental rugs or tribal weavings. They are best suited for use on hard floor surfaces such as wood or stone. Placing a hide atop pile carpet is not recommended because of the potential for slippage, and using a hide on top of glossy tile or polished concrete may require a foam underlayment or a rubber grip pad.

If you love the look, but have carpet, simply throw a small hide over the back of a leather sofa for dramatic effect. Hang a large cowhide rug on the wall as a piece of original art.

Use Hides Throughout a Home

While the most common use for hair-on cow skins may be on the floor, there is no reason an imperfect hide cannot be used to enhance a home's decor in other ways. Fashion hides into accent cushions or floor cushions for pets and children.  

Children and pets the look and feel as much as adults, so cowhide is also a natural for a child's play space, or for the family room.

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