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Unique Decorating Ideas Featuring Cowhide Rugs

Unique Decorating Ideas Featuring Cowhide Rugs

Posted by The City Cows Team on 28th Feb 2022

For many decades, authentic cowhide rugs have been a favourite decorative element in homes worldwide. They grace many homes, and because they are genuine animal skin products, no two are the same. For this reason, you can add a charming touch to any home with the eye-catching characteristics of these beautiful rugs. Below are some great tips on ways to use cowhide rugs to their best advantage:

Placement is Everything

If your goal is to show off your genuine cowhide to its fullest advantage, always avoid placing large, dense pieces of furniture over the rug. Although this approach sometimes works, hiding or blocking too much of the cow hide from view defeats the purpose for which you acquired it. There are other approaches that you can use to combine your rug with furniture without obscuring its beauty. For example, rather than placing it underneath a large, opaque table, choose a more visible piece, such as a small cowhide cube or a glass table that leaves your rug fully visible.

Make Sure Other Elements are not in Competition

In keeping with the first tip, to highlight the beauty of your genuine cowhide, use it in spaces where there are fewer elements. These include passageways, hallways, foyers and similar spaces. This way, its natural style and character will not be outshone by other accents or large pieces of furniture. Remember, too, that genuine cowhide works best with minimalist style decor. If you have no large foyers, hallways or entryways that feature mild elements, consider placing the rug in a room with a calmer design.

Don’t Add Cowhides to Rooms with Busy Themes

Because cowhide rugs are naturally eye-catching, they will compete for attention with other elements that feature unique prints or busy patterns. For example, if a room is full of prints or other animal hide patterns, it may be best to use your cowhide rug in a different area that is characterized by basic prints or better yet, solid colours. Additionally, you may wish to consider placing the rug in a large room rather than a small one, where it can be the centrepiece without making the room appear overcrowded. Ultimately, with a little trial and error, you can find the best room in your home for your genuine cow skin rug.

Carefully Choose the Style and Colour

Because no two cows are the same, no two natural cowhide rugs are either. The patterns and colours vary significantly from one to the next. This is something you need to consider prior to incorporating them into your decor. Try a hide in a solid shade if you have acquired the rug for a small room. Similarly, when placing a rug of this kind in a large room, look for a cowhide with interesting and bold patterns. These offer the elements needed to decorate a larger room and take the decor from minimalist to “minimalist with a splash.” Pay close attention to the overall colour scheme in the room, as you want to create contrast without inadvertently clashing prints, patterns or shades.

Decide if Your Rug is a Complementary Element or Focal Point

Cowhide rugs are used in different ways depending on whether or not they are the room's central feature or simply a complementary element. This helps you clearly define the dynamic you wish to use in the room and execute it properly. For example, if your goal is for your beautiful new cow skin rug to be the room’s focal point, place it in the centre of the room and surround it with simple furnishings with straight, clean lines and neutral colours. If, on the other hand, you prefer to use your rug as an accent piece, place it strategically in an area where it will add depth and texture to the room, but not “steal the show,” so to speak.

Properly Care for Your Cowhide Rug

Although cowhide is known for being hard wearing and strong, it’s still essential to care for it properly so that it maintains its beautiful appearance. Give your rug a good shake from time to time to remove crumbs and debris, and occasionally use a soft brush in the natural direction of the hairs to keep them looking soft and supple. Address spills immediately so that they don’t sink into the hide, and don’t subject the rug to excessive use. Following these simple tips will keep your rug looking beautiful and elegant, and its lovely characteristics will continue to complement any room in your home for many years to come.