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Zebra Print Cowhide Rugs - Add Some Exotic Style

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Zebra Print Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs are one of the most popular options out there when it natural hide rugs. Synthetic area rugs can wear out over time and be a harbour for allergens and dust. On the other hand, cowhide rugs are ideal for people who would like a rug that is incredibly hard-wearing and is going to last for many years. They are hypoallergenic and therefore cause no issues for those who have issues with allergens. Deciding on your ideal rug can sometimes be a hard choice, especially since each cowhide rug has it's very own unique 'nature-made' design.

Whether you're looking to add the rug to your home area or office, a zebra print cowhide rug can be the ideal option. Choosing a zebra cowhide rug will add an amazing touch of exotic style to your living or working space, while adding a bold print and a strong design to the area. The other advantage is you can purchase a zebra cowhide rug and remain guilt-free knowing  the rug you choose is simply a by-product of the meat industry. 

A zebra print cowhide rug can be added to practically any room of the home. Whether you're looking to add the rug to a living room or a bedroom, you can rest assured a zebra print cowhide will blend seamlessly into almost any room of your house.  Another key benefit to choosing a zebra cowhide area rug is that it is going to bring a pop of color and life to a room if this is what you are looking to accomplish without doing much else apart from this.

You will love the fact that cowhide rugs, in particular, are incredibly easy to keep clean and looking their best. You will have the rug for many years with just the minimal of upkeep. You can clean the rug by giving it a good shake every week or so, to remove surface dust and debris.  Spills and stains will easily wipe away with a damp sponge. Getting into the habit of cleaning your cowhide rug is going to keep it looking the best that it can for many years to come.

Whether you choose to go with a natural cowhide rug or one that has a zebra print, you will find that we have one of the widest selections in Europe. Purchase one of our cowhide rugs online, or call one of our friendly sales team today to schedule your appointment to view your cowhide rug at our London showroom.

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