Cappuccino Single Sheepskin Rug - SINGLECAPP

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Cappuccino Single Sheepskin Rug
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Cappuccino Single Sheepskin Rug

  • Order online today and receive within 7 days
  • Single sheepskin measures approximately 90 cm by 60 cm - machine washable
  • Genuine Australian sheepskin - 6-7 cm hair length
  • Hand chosen to ensure quality
  • Shipped in recycled packaging
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-implement return policy: no questions asked
  • Delivered by DPD Couriers with real-time notification of delivery and delivery window option available
  • Telephone orders available by calling 0207-099-6616

Nothing says elegance like this attractive, luxurious single sheepskin rug. Featuring a rich, cappuccino colour that somehow manages to be both delicate and striking, this rug is guaranteed to match any interior design. This genuine, authentic sheep skin is soft and sumptuous to the touch, and offers excellent longevity. Whether you use this rug traditionally or in creative ways, it instantly brings style and flair to any room in which it is placed. It boasts a beautiful colour combination that makes it perfect for a cosy study, a formal living room, or anything in between. Also just right in a children’s playroom or nursery, it provides a soft area for little feet as well as a plush surface for a toddler to nap on.

Don’t forget creative options, such as using your cappuccino sheepskin rug as a chair throw, an area rug alongside your bed, or as a covering for a foot rest. You may decide to invest in a set of these rugs to place over end tables for a unique touch, or to drape over a cube or stool. You can even use sheepskins as wall ornaments and the cappuccino colour is a particularly nice choice for such use. Once you get creative, the possibilities are truly endless.

How to Properly Care for a Sheepskin Rug

Many customers are happy to discover that sheepskin rugs do not need any complicated care. Simply shake the rug out whenever it needs to be freed of dust and dirt, and always clean up spills immediately before they sink into the base of the rug. Don’t rub or brush sheepskin when it is damp or wet, because this might damage the surface. Finally, always brush in the hair’s natural direction to keep it looking like new. These simple steps will ensure that your lovely cappuccino sheepskin rug retains its natural beauty for many future years.