Remove Creases from Cowhide Rugs

Whenever cowhide rugs are packaged and delivered the cowhide rug can on occasion have the tendency to crease and fold. Over time with typical use the cowhide creases should come out naturally. However if you want to remove the creases straight away then there is an effortless way of utilizing a household iron to make sure your cowhide rug or carpet appears pristine and perfect as soon as you place it on your floor.

Equipment you will need

  • Good size towel
  • Wet flannel or fabric
  • Household iron
  • Cowhide rug 

Put your cowhide rug on the floor over the top of the towel. The objective of having the towel on the floor is to safeguard your own floor covering from any possible damage that the iron’s temperature could possibly cause. Plug in the iron - using an extension electrical power cord if needed and set the iron to a medium heat setting. Set a water-soaked flannel (or similarly soaked tea bath towel or other clean lint free cloth) over the cowhide rug or carpet and work the flat iron over any wrinkles within the hide in the identical manner you would do when pressing clothes.

Make certain the iron moves rapidly over the area of the cowhide, and apply this only for the bare minimum time necessary to eliminate the creases in the hide. You will find that this procedure is a quick and successful approach to make certain you have a crease-free and smooth cowhide rug or carpet from the off. Allow the cowhide skin rug to cool before you put it back in your desired position upon the floor.

You can repeat this course of action frequently with the steam function of the iron if needed as a clean, chemical free manner to fumigate your own cowhide and retain the hide in a beautiful – ‘just bought’ condition. When steaming the cowhide skin you can place the flat iron over the cowhide, and direct steam jets straight at especially dirty spots.This is an excellent approach to remove every cowhide rug’s worst nightmare - trapped in chewing gum.

In a number of circumstances this procedure may perhaps prove insufficient to remove particularly persistent creases from the cowhide and this can end up being a function of the means the cowhide was dried following the tanning procedure. These types of problems are minimal and you shouldn’t be concerned about them - cowhide is a natural product and branding iron marks, small marks and tears are usually a typical component of some of each of these types of unique pieces. However at City Cows we pride ourselves at sourcing only the best quality hides. 

Cowhide rugs tend to be distinctively individual pieces and an outstanding addition to any design of household décor from the traditional ranch home to the ultra modern urban residence.

City Cows – years of dedicated service bringing you affordable, high quality Colombian cowhides directly to our growing band of satisfied customers – cowhide rugs are the stylish and natural addition to any home.