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Icelandic White Single Sheepskin Rug
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Icelandic White Single Sheepskin Rug

  • Order online today and receive within 7 days
  • A-Grade Australian sheepskins - 15 - 17 cm hair length
  • Approximate size 90cm by 60cm 
  • Shipped in packaging made from strong, recycled cardboard
  • Selected by hand for guaranteed quality
  • Inclusive, simple, no questions asked return policy
  • DPD Courier - delivery window and real-time delivery notifications
  • Orders can be placed by telephone at 0207-099-6616

If you are looking for a small area rug that will add texture and depth to your home, this Icelandic, white single sheepskin rug is the perfect choice. You can see from the picture the elegance and beauty such a rug brings to any area of your home, and its neutral shade ensures that it will blend seamlessly with any colour scheme you have in mind.  

Its sumptuous hair is longer than average, measuring approximately 15 cm to 17 cm, which makes it perfect in any place where you want that added touch of luxurious softness. For example, if you place it in front of an armchair, you can sink your toes into its plush, soft surface at the end of a long day. Wrap it around a throw pillow on your bed or sofa for a thick, plush resting place for your head and neck.  

If you have youngsters, it’s the best playmat on which to topple over when taking first steps and a safe place for little feet. It could even be placed in a bassinet for a silky soft area for a baby to nap on. Don’t forget to use it on the back of an armchair, as nothing creates a better surface for relaxing than a sheepskin with extra long hair. It's also appropriate for use as a plush and supple bath mat.  

Because of its lovely, white colour, it is also an outstanding choice for a room that has become drab or dull: nothing adds a striking touch better than white and this rug’s elegant appearance effortlessly adds style to any room. The colour also works in your favour if you are placing it over a dark wood floor because of the added contrast. 

Caring For Your Icelandic Sheepskin Rug 

Fortunately, your sheepskin is also easy to care for. Just brush it gently in the natural direction of the hair from time to time to keep it looking fresh. Also, clean up spills immediately so that they don’t sink into the rug’s base, and shake it every now and then to dislodge crumbs and dirt. Let your imagination run wild and see how many uses you come up with for your new Icelandic white single sheepskin.