Silver Grey Single Sheepskin Rug - SINGLEBGREY

Silver Grey Single Sheepskin Rug - SINGLEBGREY
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Silver Grey Single Sheepskin Rug

  • Order online today and receive within 7 days
  • Rugs measure approximately 90cm by 60cm - 6-7 cm hair length 
  • Packaged in robust recycled material
  • No questions return policy
  • Selected by hand to ensure ultimate quality
  • DPD Couriers–You can count on real-time delivery notifications
  • Delivery window option available
  • Telephone orders available at 0207-099-6616
  • Machine washable

If beautifying your home is currently on your to-do list, this silver grey single sheepskin rug is a great place to begin. Nothing adds more warmth and texture to a home than this all natural, top quality sheepskin rug. Its beautiful silver grey colour is rich and deep, which makes it a terrific accent piece for virtually any room in your home, regardless of its current colour scheme or design. Use in the traditional way, or add a fashionable touch to your living room by draping it over your favourite chair. You can even use it as a covering for a coffee table. Wherever it is placed it will instantly add warmth and elegance. 

Many customers find single sheepskin rugs perfect for use in the bathroom as a luxurious bath mat, or you can add a touch of opulence to your bedroom by placing one or more of these silver grey sheepskins on top of your bed or on either side of the bed on the floor. This shade rug is universal in the sense that it goes good with both dark and light colours, as well as geometric patterns and designs. Therefore, if you’re looking for a neutral colour that seamlessly blends with other shades yet is still eye-catching in its own right, this rug is an especially good choice.

Cleaning Tips for Your Sheepskin Rug

Not surprisingly, after you have obtained a lovely, genuine sheepskin rug, you want to make sure it stays new looking and beautiful. Thankfully, complicated maintenance is not needed for sheepskin rugs. Just make sure you give it a good shake from time to time to free up crumbs or dirt that may have lodged within the hair. Always brush the hair in its natural direction instead of against it, and don’t brush or rub it if it is wet or damp, as to do so may damage its surface. Clean up spills immediately before they have a chance to sink into the bottom layer of the rug. By following these simple recommendations, you can keep your luxurious, attractive sheepskin looking great for many years to come.