Slate Grey Single Sheepskin Rug - SINGLEGREY

Slate Grey Single Sheepskin Rug
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Slate Grey Single Sheepskin Rug

  • Order online today and receive within 7 days
  • Rugs measure approximately 90cm by 60cm - 6-7 cm hair length 
  • Packaged in robust recycled material
  • No questions return policy
  • Selected by hand to ensure ultimate quality
  • DPD Couriers–You can count on real-time delivery notifications
  • Delivery window option available
  • Telephone orders available at 0207-099-6616
  • Machine washable

If beautifying your home is on your to-do list this season, this lovely slate grey single sheepskin rug is one of the best items available with which to accomplish your goal. Nothing brings more texture and warmth to a room than this all natural, high quality sheepskin rug. Its beautiful slate grey colour is deep and rich, making this piece an ideal accent for any room, regardless of its decor. When draped over your favourite chair, it adds an instant touch of luxury. If you choose to cover a coffee table with it, the room will instantly look warmer and more elegant. Use it as a lush bath mat or place it at the end of your bed for an extra layer of warmth for your feet, whilst adding a touch of opulence to your bedroom. Did we forget to mention pets also love the texture and feel of authentic sheepskin so why not treat your four-legged friend to a touch of luxury.

This shade rug is particularly nice if your home features light decor and you want to add a bold, striking accent. You may even choose to buy a pair of grey single sheepskins and place one on the floor in front of a sofa, and use one to cover a footstool for an extra layer of softness for tired feet. You can even use it innovatively as an accent piece. However you choose to use your new slate grey sheepskin, it is guaranteed to be an eye-catching and attractive part of your decor. The darker hue also makes it a more practical choice for homes with children and pets.

How to Take Care of Your Sheepskin Rug

Fortunately, taking care of your single sheepskin rug is not a complex process, and it can be kept looking new by doing a few small maintenance tasks. Occasionally, take the sheepskin outside or to the area of your choice and shake off crumbs, dust and dirt. These particles will usually fall off very easily. Always brush the hair in its natural direction, but don’t brush it or rub it if it is moist or wet. This could end up damaging the surface of the rug. Finally, clean up spills immediately so that they do not set in and your rug’s beautiful texture will remain attractive and new-looking for many years.