Toffee Single Sheepskin Rug - SINGLETOFFEE

Toffee Single Sheepskin Rug
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Toffee Single Sheepskin Rug

  • Order online today and receive within 7 days
  • A-Grade Australian sheepskins - 6-7 cm hair length
  • Approximate size 90cm by 60cm - machine washable
  • Shipped in packaging made from strong, recycled cardboard
  • Selected by hand for guaranteed quality
  • Inclusive, simple, no questions asked return policy
  • DPD Courier - delivery window and real-time delivery notifications
  • Orders can be placed by telephone at 0207-099-6616

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that our single sheepskin rugs are a top seller with our customers. One glance at this sumptuous toffee coloured sheepskin here tells you just how elegant and beautiful a choice they are. No matter what you have in mind regarding your home’s decor, the versatility of a single sheepskin can only be an advantage. Rugs of this kind can be used traditionally, or in innovative ways. The one depicted here is a top-quality, genuine, toffee coloured sheepskin which will blend seamlessly with most colour schemes. This luxurious long hair toffee sheepskin rug can be placed alongside your bed, situated under a desk, or laid in front of a living room chair. You may even decide to place it in the bathroom as a luxurious bath mat!

Don’t forget inventive ways to use your single sheepskin as well, such as wrapping it around a throw pillow or bed pillow for a soft headrest. A beautiful sheepskin can also be draped over a foot rest for an extra layer of softness. This size rug works perfectly in a nursery as well, where you can use it to create a plush tactile area for little feet. The possibilities are virtually limitless, and you’ll likely come up with more uses as time goes on.

The quality of our single sheepskin rugs is higher than most of our competitors, due to the longer hair length our sheepskins feature, which gives them a more elegant look and a far more sumptuous feel.

Sheepskin Rug Care

Fortunately there is no complex cleaning routines unnecessary with sheepskin rugs, as long as they are not subjected to too much abuse! The longevity of sheepskin is excellent, and you only need to use a few simple cleaning techniques to keep the rug looking good. Shake it regularly to free it of dust and crumbs, and always wipe up spills at once to avoid stains. Don’t brush or rub the rug if it’s damp. Simply brush in the natural direction of the hair when it’s dry to keep it looking brand-new.