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Choosing Your Ideal Cowhide Purse

Choosing Your Ideal Cowhide Purse

Posted by The City Cows Team on 19th Jul 2022

If you are like most fashion conscious individuals, you have surely noticed that many people carry beautiful cowhide bags and purses and that they never go out of style. Everyone likes their unique colours and patterns and their soft organic shapes. Bags of this kind are versatile enough to use with formal outfits or they can be worn casually with your favourite jeans and boots. You also never have to worry that anyone else will have your exact bag, because each one is a genuine piece of art. They are also easy to care for and can be added to essentially any outfit.

These are just a few of the characteristics that keep these bags in fashion year after year. However, you may not yet have plunged into the world of cowhide, and are wondering how to choose this type of accessory, making sure you’re getting the best match for your style, personality and wardrobe. Below are some tips to make the selection process a bit less daunting:

Traditional Black and White

You can’t go wrong with the classic, black-and-white cowhide print. This traditional option works well with practically any fashion style, but if you are a cow girl at heart, a black-and-white cowhide bag is ideal. Pair it with some worn down jeans and a great pair of boots and you have a perfect look for a night at the honky-tonk.

Classic Gray

If you’ve never owned a cowhide purse or bag before, you may not realize that cowhide can be ultramodern. If you have a contemporary wardrobe and want to incorporate a unique and durable piece to use as your go-to accessory, blaze a new trail with a lovely, solid gray cowhide purse. Not only will it blend well with any colour outfit you choose to wear, it is sophisticated enough to take you from the office to a night out on the town or even a formal dinner.

Pretty Palomino

Lighter colours offer an interesting upscale twist to the look of cowhide. Many people may assume that black-and-white is your only option for cow print, but a palomino cowhide bag offers an air of sophistication, with a hint of southern style. Whether you’re at a classy restaurant or participating in an informal bar crawl with friends, a palomino print cowhide purse is always correct.

Beautiful Tricolour

If dressing to impress is your thing, consider a chic, tri-colour cowhide purse. A cowhide bag in three shades can be worn with both formal and casual outfits, as its rich tones of deep brown, black, and white are highly versatile. Your new tri-colour cowhide purse will help you create an inspiring look that others will want to copy. The type of cowhide bag is also an excellent accessory for the office and will blend well with virtually any professional ensemble you can create.

Undecided? Try Brindle

If you are a free spirit fashionista and are undecided about which colour cowhide purses and bags suit you best, try a beautiful brindle pattern. These patterns convey a whimsical, explore- the-world kind of attitude, and are sure to fit your individual style.

Bold Colours and Animal Prints

If you are interested in acquiring one or more cowhide purses but prefer animal prints and bold shades to traditional cowhide patterns, then try a cowhide shoulder bag in aqua or burnt orange. Alternatively, you can opt for a great zebra or leopard print to really spice things up.

Large or Small Cowhide Bags to fit your Needs

You can choose from large or small cowhide purses and bags, depending on your individual needs. If you simply want a fashionable accessory to carry your keys, coins and lipstick, opt for a small, genuine cowhide purse. If you prefer to take a few more essentials with you, a bigger size is probably the best choice. However, don’t limit yourself to one or the other. You can use a smaller purse inside of a larger one to further organize your important items and prevent things from getting lost. You can also opt for a bag with a strap or use it as a clutch, depending on what works best with the outfit you’ve chosen. Versatility is one of the best-loved characteristics of real cowhide bags and purses, so create any combination you like or change it up from one day to the next to make sure you are always in fashion with this stylish and practical accessory.