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Sheepskin Rugs Are the Perfect Addition to Any Home

Posted by The City Cows Team on 19th Feb 2019

There are many reasons sheepskin rugs are favoured by interior designers throughout the world. Because of their beautiful appearance and plush, thick texture, these rugs are a chic, stylish option for virtually any customer. City Cows is proud to offer high-quality sheepskin products that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

Each authentic sheepskin rug features fleece that will instantly envelop your feet the moment they hit the floor. Meticulously and carefully processed to preserve their natural beauty and appeal, each rug we offer has all the classic characteristics sheepskin fans have come to love.

Add Softness and Warmth to Any Area of Your Home

Sheepskin rugs are renowned for the warm ambiance they add to a home. They can infuse a soft note into virtually any room, and they add an unmistakable touch of warmth to any colour scheme or interior decor. Both decorative and practical, such rugs can be placed over hardwood or tile floors to cut down on winter drafts and add pizzazz to the room. They can also be used to great advantage in areas such as family rooms or nurseries, where residents of the dwelling may wish to walk barefoot or sit on the floor.

Various Sizes and Colours

We offer sheepskin rugs in numerous colours, including white, tan, ivory, brown, mahogany and black. Therefore, finding the ideal shade to complement your home’s interior design is not a difficult task. For example, you may choose ivory or white hues to contrast a dark, hardwood floor, or a deep brown or black sheepskin rug to place over lighter wood. For an interesting, layered look, you can also place one of these luxurious rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting. Because we offer a variety of sizes, from single to quad sheepskin rugs, the ideal one can be found without much difficulty.

A Versatile Choice

There are many traditional ways to use sheepskin rugs, such as placing them in a bedroom, living room or office. However, they are also quite versatile, and can be used as fireplace rugs, sofa throws, chair covers or blankets. A sheepskin rug can also double as a decorative wall hanging to add a striking touch to any room. Sheepskin rugs are a terrific option for a home office or workspace as well: a plush sheepskin fleece under your feet will certainly boost your comfort level as you work. You may even opt for an extra rug for your bathroom, where it can serve a practical and enjoyable purpose as a luxurious bath mat. You can also place an elegant sheepskin rug in a foyer or hallway that needs a bit of flair or at the foot of your bed for a decorative and inviting touch.

Caring for Sheepskin Rugs

Some of the best-loved characteristics of our sheepskins include the fact that they are durable, sturdy and offer outstanding longevity. It is also easy to maintain such rugs. Other than occasional, standard cleaning, they require no expensive or complicated maintenance. You can keep them looking beautiful by immediately cleaning stains and spills, rather than allowing them to set in, and by vacuuming them whenever necessary.

All items in the City Cows Sheepskin Rug Collection are made to endure through an ever-changing home interiors market because of their practical and appealing features. They blend well with essentially any colour scheme or decor, regardless of how many times you may choose to redecorate. No matter how often trends change in the interior design market, sheepskin rugs are virtually guaranteed to remain a timeless classic.

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