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Sheepskin Rugs Offer Timeless Beauty and Charm

Sheepskin Rugs Offer Timeless Beauty and Charm

Posted by The City Cows Team on 18th Mar 2021

If you have an eye for interior design, you may have noticed that sheepskin is everywhere. Whilst browsing on home decorating sites, social media, or on Instagram, you have probably learned that this sumptuous, natural material is continuously featured. This is because the sheepskin rug is a timeless classic that has satisfied even the most discriminating consumer for decades worldwide. In addition to a very chic look, one of the major advantages of sheepskin is its versatility. If you are planning to style your home or redecorate with sheepskin, consider the ideas outlined below:

Breathe New Life Into an Old Living Room

You’ve probably seen sheepskin most often in the living room, since such rugs are well-known for the soft, warm ambience they create. Fortunately, we offer sheepskin rugs of various sizes and colours, making it easy to find the perfect one if updating your living room is what you have in mind. If the room features a hardwood floor, consider a sheepskin rug in a contrasting shade such as black or white.

If you want to blend your rug with your room’s current design, you will be pleased to know that we also offer a broad range of colours, including aquamustardplum, gray, brown, and even flamingo pink. These rugs are ideal for placement in front of a fireplace as well, where they make a great conversation piece. Let your imagination run wild when choosing a shade and you’re guaranteed to create an unforgettable living room.

A Touch of Elegance in Your Bedroom

The ways in which sheepskin rugs can be used in your bedroom are limited only by your imagination. Place a double sheepskin at the foot of your bed for extra warmth for your feet, or use a quad or sexto as an area rug to add luxury and warmth to the room. If you have a bench at the foot of your bed, tossing an elegant, single sheepskin on top of it can instantly add a fashionable touch to the area.

Choose from beautiful shades such as lilac, silver gray or taupe if your bedroom features neutral colours, or give black or white a try for an appealing contrast.

A Plush and Luxurious Surface for a Nursery

Little feet need a soft and safe place to play, and a sumptuous, comforting sheepskin rug is perfect for this use. You can place a small sheepskin rug directly in your child’s cradle or bassinet, or place a larger version on the floor to create the ideal place for tumbles and first steps. Sheepskins are also very hard wearing, and therefore a good choice for playrooms for young children. Because they come in additional colours, such as pink, blue, or darker shades, you need not worry about coordinating them with the current decor in your child’s room.

Instantly Create an Upscale Sitting Room

If you have a sitting room that needs a stylish boost, consider turning hard chairs into soft ones with single sheepskin rugs used as throws. Place one in the centre of the floor to complete this look, but make sure you choose the appropriate size for the proportions of the room. You may also want to add one to a recliner or easy chair for an extra layer of luxury.

Repurpose an Old Coffee Table With a Posh, Fancy Sheepskin

A very popular use for sheepskins recently is to place them over old coffee tables or end tables that could use a touch of class or to repurpose them rather than replace them. Imagine a sumptuous caramel, slate gray or royal blue sheepskin elegantly draped over your living room’s coffee table or the end tables in your den or study.

A Variety of Sizes

As mentioned above, sheepskins are available in single, double, sexto or quad sizes, and the one selected primarily depends on what you have in mind for your home’s decor. Having the option of more than one size makes it easy to decorate in virtually any area of your home.

Interior designs change on a regular basis, and many homeowners redecorate several times each decade. Fortunately, because sheepskin rugs are guaranteed to endure through multiple re-decorating projects, they are a foolproof choice for essentially any consumer. If you invest in one or more fashionable and luxurious sheepskin rugs, you can expect many years of enjoyment and satisfaction.